Retrigger Interval in Camera Working Mode

Has anyone used this feature that is in the new app update? It seems like it is for allowing video to keep recording after the initial one is done, hence the re-trigger, but I’m not entirely sure if that is what is is for. I’d obviously like to have 30sec videos but not sure if modifying this will allow that to happen. I don’t need the 60sec ones that will possibly drain the battery more, but looking for something in the middle, any ideas if this is what I need to use?

You can shorten/extend the length of each recording and play with the re-trigger delay time before it starts the next recording (if the motion is still on), that is what it is meant for. As per Eufy, it will drain the battery faster than other 2 modes available.
I have mine set for 90 sec and re-trigger after 1 sec. Yet the recording lengths are 11, 35, 14 secs and even if there is continuous activity after that recording it is not starting to record again.
I guess it still needs some fine tuning and may work more efficiently as it gets more mature…

Send an email to! We definitely need to look deeper into this issue.


Sure, will do ! I need to gather the videos I’m talking about to. May be there is a way to share those with the tech team.

Downloading to your phone and then sending them in an email to us should work perfectly!

Wondering if this feature could be explained. I have 2 of 3 cameras that after a legit motion detection it records 5 or 6 five second videos in a row right after without any motion present after the first video. It drains batteries quite quickly because of this.