Retrieve deleted videos?

I mistakenly deleted a video that I wanted to keep. The clip was from today and deleted today. Any way to retrieve it?

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First off you may need to check to see if it still in the recycle bin. You will just rt click to restore it from trash bin. . If the files was deleted from the trash bin There may be a chance from using some data restoration software. CNET has that will have free software. It should be able to find it and recover it. I will say that I restored video files before that did not restore the whole file.

If you mean can you retrieve a deleted clip from the Homebase local storage, then no. As far as Iā€™m aware once deleted the clip has gone and with the memory card content being encrypted, a recovery program would unlikely be any good.

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Hi @Bob55 , so sorry to let you know that once the video has been deleted, we could not retrieve the deleted recording files.

If you need further assistance, please contact

Thank you for your support. Have a nice day.

This would be a useful New Feature guys. Can you add it please.