[Resolved] Anker Bluetooth keyboard key mapping messed up?

Update 2: Problem located, my bad. My phone had a “UK” setup for physical keyboards, for some reason.

Update: I connected this keyboard to my desktop, and the keys behave just as they should. It only seems to have this sort of hiccup when I try to use it with my phone, however (which is what I need it to work with).

I just bought an Anker keyboard today. The “ultra compact Bluetooth keyboard, model A7726.” Everything seems to be working fine, minus one defect. When I hold down shift and hit the quotation marks key, it gives me an “@” instead. Same deal for when I hit the “2” key with shift held, except that gives me a quotation mark. The two keys behave normally without shift held, however.

Is there any way to remap these characters back into their appropriate key locations? I really like this keyboard, and I did not want to have to return it because of an unusual defect like this (or any other possible typing errors that I have not noticed yet).


That’s great! You solved the Problem :white_check_mark:

May be you can update the post title as [Resolved]

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Good to hear you’ve resolved your issue @thanat0ast , updated your topic title to reflect :slight_smile:

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