Reset password

I have the A7721 bluetooth keyboard. It worked once on PC, and now it can’t find it.
Worked initially on tablet when I put in code. IT DID NOT SAY PASSWORD so I didn’t write it down. Now on tablet, it wants password… I have none. How do I RESET password.
Please don’t say remove device from Bluetooth and find again.
FOR it in not found to remove.
Please help, Swan

Perhaps contact to see if they can assist you.


Do you mean the Bluetooth pairing PIN? try 0000.


As @tonicboy as mentioned is might be worth trying to use 0000 which is often the default pin for various BT devices, although I can’t recall having ever needing to use a PIN outside of any which the BT keyboard may prompt you to enter (also known as a confirmation number).

Make sure you try forgetting any previous pairing records for the keyboard on the device you are trying to use. If all else fails you can reach out to as @Nhi suggested.

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