Reset Home Base 2 Motion Count

After I have deleted all the videos from Home Base 2, it still shows a total motion count.
How do I reset the motion count back to zero after deleting all videos or even formatting the memory?

Maybe a picture would be good. If you delete the storage and then there is still like 40 meg stated on the hard drive, it is probably just the home base software that it is showing. If it is the devices detection then that is mostly shown per battery charge.

Can also post on the security community site of the Eufylife site.

It has nothing to do with the memory, I want to reset the motion count back to Zero.

Here a picture with a RED arrow showing the problem.

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Hi @kdkollmann
I’m assuming the motion count isnt related to the storage options or files current stored etc, it just shows the figure there.
Maybe a search of the other system settings. Failing that, if it bothers you that much, do a system restart and go back to factory settings to clear all your data.

Appreciate the confirmation nothing can be done to reset the motion count short of a complete factory reset.

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I reset mine just to see if I could get HomeKit working. It was working perfectly fine the last few days and now I can’t reactivate it. Just sits on flashing blue…

No matter how many times I reset it or try different Ethernet ports it just fails.

So now I have no working system! Sigh