Request for Support of Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO

Requesting Support for Anker Soundcore Liberty NEO for inclusion of it in Soundcore app as it is 2019 model.

As i purchased this product only because it had an app to adjust the listening experience, As sometimes we require Dynamism in our songs or Movie.

Looking forward to hear from Community

Have your say. Awaiting responses

Need Support for getting NEO Earbuds in Soundcore app.

I believe the models supported by the Soundcore App are the higher-end/higher-cost models…you’re paying more for more hardware features such as EQ settings and programming of the buttons/controls that are only supported by the Soundcore App. If there are no such features in the hardware (Liberty Neo), then there’s really no need for model to be included in the software (Soundcore App).

I have the Liberty Neo model and have never seen any need for them to be included/supported in the Soundcore app…

What features do you think are missing in the Neo that would need to be supported by the Soundcore App?

  1. $50 price it is quite high for me at-least, I have used previously MPow T5 (which is between $40 to $45, it is one option, it has volume increase and decrease feature, with similar next and previous and Assistant button.


I have Sound Blaster Jam from creative which is even more cheaper than this, it has an EQ app, it supports wireless and wired both options, also it has NFC enabled.

When i read BassUp technology, i thought it would be having an app, so i ordered on 18 Oct 2019 and got yesterday 30 Oct 2019, so i installed app and lo! All my enthusiasm went wrong (Not happy as card in box said).

By Way it sounds great, but i wished for more. No issues. Do not Mind, if i offended you in any way. Apologies.

I don’t believe the features you want to control are even available to modify and are preset in the hardware which cannot be controlled by software.

Most Soundcore speakers are not even included in the Soundcore App. Again, only the higher-end products like the Flare (which has programmable LED lights) and Model Zero are supported by the Soundcore App.

No offense taken at all…just relaying info and my personal opinion. :grinning:

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Awesome. Thank for motivation and so much information.

Much appreciated for your response. Cheers!

BTW you are so cool!


I dont need an app to controll the “light organ” :rage:
I never have touched that app.
I know it is existing.

Nice photo!
I like!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

I created an account just to say that I’d love to be able to swap the long press and double press controls (I want to use double press for previous/next track).

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I want to swap these controls too. So obvious, right? @anker, can you help?