Replacing a M.2 SSD

This topic is not related to Anker Products, unless they have a M.2 to USB adapter that I have not seen. So during Prime Day I was able to finally buy my fathers day-Birthday-Christmas present… a gaming laptop. Since it was a base model, I decided to upgrade the M.2 SSD to a NVME. This was not the straight process I thought it was going to be. I try different Cloning software and different combinations of SSD to HDD, SSD to USB SSD.

The main problem is that I was never able to make the PC boot from the NVME SSD. I try to contact Samsung but their customer service SUCKS!!! I try to contact RAZER but since I was upgrading the device on my own they said they could not help.

Has anyone done this and had any luck.


Two questions, which cloning softwares have you been trying and can you boot the new drive with a clean installation from a Windows USB install?

I’m thinking the cloning software is not fully replicating the windows boot partition.

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Try this Video
I know its not the same motherboard and what not, but its what helped me get through this process when I did this for my wifes laptop.

Try to use Acronis but I learn that Linux base software will not detect NVME SSD, then I try Macrium, it will create the clone but I will not be able to boot from it. Last I try Samsung Data Migration tool but it will not see the NVME SSD (Funny its a Samsung) I try customer service from Samsung (It sucks, point to Apple there) but its slow they did not have answers and they closed the ticket because one day it took me more then 24hrs to reply (I was out of town with no access to the laptop).

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