Just wanted to say once again great customer service.Had cable replaced under warranty 'very nice when company stands behind their products


Anker always has great customer service! :wink:. It’s all part of the anker experience!

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I have been very fortunate that I haven’t had to use Anker support! Knock on wood! I have several Anker devices ranging from powerbanks, chargers, cables,& earbuds. So far so good!


A+ customer service for sure :clap: MVP

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No issues so far with any product. But I’m glad to hear that warranty wont be an issue.

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I’m glad it worked for you

For me a product is worthless if there is no support. That would be a one way produt - from buy to bin .

And I am very happy that @anker support is so great ! That is customer service - but also good for environment !

Absolutely agree! When I go to BestBuy I always get the extra coverage only because my kids aren’t very nice with the tech. Kinda scary seeing them tug and pull at power cables, phone cables, and ripping out chargers from the sockets!