Replacement Life P2 Eartips?

Lost one of the eartips on my Life P2 earbuds. I tried some generic ones from Amazon, but ran into a bit of a product issue.

The other generic eartips are a bit bigger, which pushes the earbud a bit higher in the case, so the case doesn’t close completely. That means the inside of the case applies pressure to the top of the earbuds, which are the side buttons.

What happens when you press the side buttons for more than a few seconds? Factory Reset. Oops. I’ve had to re-pair them to my phone several times this week. It’s fine as long as I don’t close the top lid on the charging case.

So…how do we get replacement earbud tips, either from Anker, or something on Amazon that that is known to work?



I have the same problem and question. Anyone know if you can get OEM replacement tips?