Replaced router, can I really not reconnect Eufy Floodlight Cam unless I push the Sync button??

I have my Eufy Floodlight Cam mounted on my house. I replaced my WiFi router and didn’t think about keeping the name and password of my previous wireless until after multiple (like 8) devices were reconnected to the new SSID and PW.

Per the instructions on the Eufy app, I have to push the Sync button on the top of the camera, that is now mounted 10 feet on a wall, to reset the WiFi to this device. I cannot imagine that this is accurate and seems like a HUGE flaw for a hardwired, mounted device. Can anyone confirm or deny this is true?

Thank you in advance!

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Some routers let you broadcast multiple SSID each with their own passwords, if you’re lucky.

One trick you could try:

Reconnect your old router, temporarily, while new router connected, let the camera connect to old router then go into settings and change which WiFi it uses from the old to the new?


I have the same problem, and I imagine everybody else too. How the hell is this still a thing after all these firmware updates? Why not just let us change the WiFi from the secure app, or the web portal or whatever. I don’t even have the ladder any more to climb up there because I borrowed it from my neighbour before to mount the camera high up on the house… What am I supposed to do?