Replace Netflix, Youtube and Amazon logo by a blank image


Every time I open the Nebula 2 (Android), it shows the home page, with amazon prime, YouTube and Netflix logo.

I don’t plan in the future to have an account for Amazon Prime or Netflix.

And I have to explain this fact to all the people looking at the video projection when it starts, because they always tend to make comments about it…

My question is, without modifying Android to hide this line of icons, is it possible to replace these graphics by a black image of the same size ?

With total commander I have access to every part of the system, but I couldn’t find where these are. My guess is there are inside an APK which runs the homepage, so it’s not possible to modify them.

But maybe I’m wrong ?

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Might be under, system boot and prob not listed as a jpeg.

Thanks, after looking around, I found everything I was searching for in


If you change the “.apk” by “.zip” you can see the files inside the apk :

in the sub folder /res/drawable-tvdpi-v4 I found :

amazon_logo icon_netflix icon_youtube

Unfortunately since I’m not the root user, I cannot write anything in /system/app/NBUI_Launcher_p2/

I still have the possibility to install this modified apk with Android (as an update), but it told me that my APK seems corrupted.

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I personally don’t like installing anything outside of Google play store, which I know is not 100% safe, but is pretty safe.

I’m sure Franz could help on code side of things, he is a Linux wizzard.

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Here is the 3 blank images to be replaced with in “res/drawable-tvdpi-v4” inside the apk :

Amazon :

Netflix :

Youtube :

What editor are you trying to use to change the images?

I use Photoshop to make the images fully transparent.
I unzip the APK, change the 3 images and zip it again, but the APK became corrupted


We cannot modify an apk file (or android app) which is on system partition of the projector. Since it needs root privileges (This is due to un-availability of full firmware’s on anker’s website it made us hard to root the device), also modifying something on apk file or compiling and de-compiling of an apk file with apktool will also make it corrupt due to mismatch in signatures.

I strongly advise you to wait for some more days or reach Anker’s team to get some clarification on this. But, still we can only rely on updates.

Since I have nebula capsule-1 and I have tried almost everything. And I have fully extracted all the apps from the nebula capsule projector through ‘adb’ and got to modify all of the apk files but due to insufficient root permissions i have failed to install modifoed version of app(s) on the projector.

**Try suggesting them (Anker’s team) regrading this or any feature. Sure, they will count your feedback.

Thanks for your feedback,

Yes, as I understand it, only the Anker team can recompile NBUI_Launcher_p2.apk with the blank logos