Replace a replacement?

I’m in a bit of a quandary. I bought one of these back in 2015.

About three months ago it went back under the warranty because it stopped working and Anker sent me a replacement. All well and good. The replacement has started playing up now - the power button is pressed down all the time and it takes a fair bit of pressing to make it send power to the phone.

As I’m doing a fair bit of travelling for work now I am relying on the extra juice it has a lot more and I’m worried that it will give up the ghost when I’m in the back end of South Africa or Saudi Arabia when I need it most.

Question: Is a replacement under warranty covered for the same period as the original item? I.e. does the warranty “clock” reset with the new one or am I limited to the original period?


@Paul_Parkinson In regards to your question, please be advised the warranty begins from the date you purchased. To help you further, could you please contact us at""? Thanks!

Sure. Will do.