Removing Eufy Robovac 11s front wheel. HOW?!?

Hello all, first post here.

I have a Eufy Robovac 11s and I am quite picky about maintaining/cleaning it. The only thing I have not been able to figure out yet is how to remove that front wheel! I try going at it both thumbs from each side, squeezing together and lifting, but I can’t get it to budge. Any tips? I was thinking of taking pliers or something to it, but I obviously don’t want to break it.

Any help greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I was able to gently pop my front wheel out with a thin screwdriver but not sure what model it is to be honest. Cleaned off the hair and it just clipped back in.

I have never tried, but you should be very careful when doing it.

Have you tried to extract the debris and the hair with different tweezers?

It took some time but I was successful at least.

I have the same issue. Cannot remove the swivel wheel? Any solution?

I too have this issue. Can’t remove the wheel.

I have made the proposal already to use tweezers to remove debris.
I do this sometimes and there is no problem with that wheel.

But you can push a small stripe of fabric under that week and do cleaning.
If the end shows up at the other side of the wheel you can pull out the wheel.

(NO GUARANTEE and NO LIABILITY when something get’s totally broken)

I made an attempt.
I was successful.
The wheel is easy to pull out.
You need to find a way to grab it.
I did this the way I have described with that stripe of textile.
Try it.

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I just registered here to say thank you!!

You idea with the stripe of textile works!! Thank you!!
I uses a fabric ribbon.
Takes less than a minute.
For those who do it the first time you need to watch out - my swivel wheel came out with a click quite easily and jumped out of the slot, my dog almost caught and ate it.

It is clean now and spins nicely. Thank you!!

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Great I could help you by this little hint.
Enjoy the sunday.

May be your dog likes the robot too much,
but this wouldn’t last long after swallowing robot’s parts.

I was able to do this a slightly different and I think safer way. I fed a Velcro cable tie through the tiny wheel by pushing the Velcro in, then turning the wheel until it fed through. Then i used the tie as leverage to pull out the tiny ball and stick. I was able to clean everything out this way…and holy crap there was SO MUCH HAIR. This probably needs to be a regular maintenance routine.


It is possible to take off the other part from that wheel also.
Pull it from the bottom.
Its fixed there by an axis and can be removed easily.
You may find more debris under this.

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I used a pair of pliers, I guess the exact type is “slip joint”. Pull straight up. The amount of debris, hair, threads, and dust under the swivel wheel was enormous. The Owner’s Manual should really stress the importance of this cleaning / maintenance step.

I also use a pair of old pliers. I just cant get a proper grip on the wheel to pull it out using my fingers :slight_smile: Just make sure you adjust it so that it doesn’t crush the wheel.

I used the method @Lisa_Mon is showing above.
But of course you can use such a pair of pliers.

There are many ways to reach the goal! :smile:

Great! I never tried it but will do soon… I think I’m collecting lot of debris and hair there too… should clean it one day.

I would suggest not using pliers. I used small flat screw drivers on either side in the notch between the ball surface and the center of the ball. Just enough room for the flat to get in, you pull up on each side and it pops up.
When I did it the ball came up with the whole swivel ball that it sits in. This is okay the swivel holder has a nice steel axle, like a swivel castor on a rolling table etc… And goes in and out with a solid snap.
Anyway, I could then get the ball itself out by push with thumbs from the inside of the swivel ball. And it all cleaned up nicely.
Two things to watch: the little metal axle sits very loosely in the ball so watch out that it doesn’t fly out or fall in the sink etc…
Also under the swivel ball piece, there is a small, thin teflon washer that you need to make sure goes on the castor rod so it swivels smoothly. There is also a small amount of white grease that’s kind of clean but dusty. I cleaned out the dirty bits of grease, but tried to save it where it was clean.
Too bad they don’t mention all this.

Our whole swivel ball has fallen out and keeps falling out when we try to use the Eufy. Should there be something holding it in place? - it won’t seem to fit in with a solid snap as you describe.

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As far I understand the whole system falls from the body not only the “ball wheel”.
You see, there is a groove near the end of the metal “pin” .
You can put a little small stripe of tape there so it will hold tight in that lock washer

Other possibility :
Open the Robot and try to tighten the lock washer which is holding the pin at this

This happens to ours too! Have you resolved this?

There should be a metal rod, and you need to push it firmly in place. You should hear 2 clicks and it should be secure.

I’m having this issue with whole swivel wheel not staying connected and falling out of the robovac too. It seems like nothing clicks in the groove of the metal rod when putting it back in. Any suggestions or fixes that you have found?