Remote stinks. Trying usb ir sensor relay to see if it helps.

I starting to like my mars2 projector more and more as I work on setting it up. The remote is almost useless though unless right behind the box. The tiny ir sensor just doesn’t cut it. I ordered a usb ir repeater from amazon to see if it can help. I’ll post my results when I check it out tomorrow.

May be you should try to connect with Fire TV remote as well as a 2.4Ghz portable Keyboard Mouse combo.

Here is a thread where user has tested with Fire TV remote and Portable Keyboard Mouse successfully for Capsule Max but should work for Mars as well.

IR repeater is interesting though.

The ir booster helps and it has 2 sensors to help pick up the signal. I do have a bt keyboard which worked but it was flaking out on me today. It may need a charge. I will try one of my fire remotes to see how they work.