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I have been buying Anker products for quite a while now and recommend them often as well as promote them on social media. I have a question though. I have in the past bought the multi-port USB chargers and noticed a trend in failure - around the 18+ month they just seem to die. Having tried to address via warranty I have been out of luck as they both fell out of the warranty coverage but the trend is a worry.

Does Anker ever take items back (I still have one of the dead units) to investigate and see why products may be failing with a few to both safety and product improvement?

That is a good observation @Chris_Moore1. I have a Anker 20W 2 port charger that started to act up around 18+ months time frame. Sometimes it’ll work and sometimes it won’t and the times it work, only one port will be working. I hope we get an answer from Anker about this issue. I have the unit as well in case they want to look into it to troubleshoot the problem.

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Very interesting - I’ve had their Micro USB cables die on me 3 times, so I really am curious about this. Is this a flaw with Micro USB in general, or is it a flaw with Anker?

2 times the cable bent beyond repair, but once the cable itself died… no bending or anything!

For me MicroUSB leads are usually bulletproof!!! The issues with cables usually relates to Apple Lightning cords. Apples ones last 5 minutes and 3rd party ones vary and usually last less time. There seems to be a fundamental flaw with Lightning cables in general - I have seen complaints about Anker’s super strong cables too. This again I wonder how Anker analyzes faults and wear and tear from real life use vs in-lab testing.

My issue is with the charging unit itself. I’ve tried multiple cables. Even a new Anker Powerline+ cable and still the issue exist with the charging unit.

On a side note, you should try out the Anker Powerline+ USB cable with double braided nylon. I’m very satisfied with that cable. It is very durable.

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I was going to invest in the Powerline+ cables but on Amazon saw feedback saying they were not as reliable as they seem to state. I am definately up for the best, strongest and most reliable Lightning cable!!!

and to be clear my main issue is the chargers which I expect to last forever as mine stay static on bedside tables for overnight charges. Maybe cables should be a separate topic but reliability of both is always a primary concern for me!!

Any thoughts @AnkerOfficial ?

I am yet to try the PowerLine+ cable. I’ve tried a PowerLine as well as a braided cable (but not the PowerLine+, the other gold-plated braided one). At some point I might try a PowerLine+, but I’m not wanting to shell out money for one right now.

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i thought it was only my 2 units which failed around 14+ months… bought a new one 2 months ago… guess i have another 12+ months to see how reliable this one is

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These forums are proving useful already - seeing a trend here!!!

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Dear valued customer,

Sorry for the disappointment. Although we work hard to ensure high quality standards through multiple quality checks, we regrettably still come across defective products occasionally.

Please be assured all of our products have a 18-month warranty. If the problem needs to be resolved ASAP, we are glad to provide an exchange under Anker’s hassle-free warranty. To speed things up, could you please email us directly at with your Amazon order # and valid shipping address?

Best Regards!

Mon-Fri 9am to 5pm(pst)

So if you go back (feels like … ) 2 years ago there was a fault with the Powerport 5 where a device could permanently disable one of the ports, if you had such a problem they shipped the updated version for free and you keep the original.

What I usually do is carry a Powerport 5 and a Powerport 2 or (hint hint Anker) a very minimalist 2port from a competitor. because everything can fail.

With the exception of the above anecdote, none of my Anker products have failed but obviously they WILL fail eventually.

My failure rate has been lowest amongst Anker relative to other brands.

Their chargers have worked flawlessly for me. But the micro usb cables to go around the 1 year mark for me… this tends to be a micro usb flaw in general and not at anker’s fault

The only issue I’ve had thus far with Anker products is the cables do break eventually. But USB cables are kind of a consumable anyways. I don’t think I’ve ever had a cable that lasted over two years. They are wear and tear products. Anker’s just last longer for me.