A question @AnkerOfficial Or anybody else who has knowledge on this topic.

A question I had (and many others too) about the Anker community was how do you refer people to this community. If you go to the How To Earn PowerBucks tab in the Power Draw section, one of the way to earn experience points is to refer a friend to the community.

I haven’t found any tab on this website, that allows you to refer friends, so is this feature going to be implemented soon, or has it already been implemented, but it is disabled for some time (for some reason)?



Once they sign up, send @AnkerOfficial a message with their log in name and email address and they will give you the points for referring them here


After whoever you want to refer has signed up send a message to @AnkerOfficial with their user name.

This question has been asked a few times and that was the response from @AnkerOfficial

Damn beat me to it :joy: again…

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By a whole 2 minutes

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2 minutes is an eternity


I knew someone would know! :joy::wink:

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Is there a time limit on the friends referral? I referred a couple of friends back in December but I never sent @AnkerOfficial an email

No clue but I doubt it.

Forgot to mention in my first post that you need to include their email address as well. Thanks for the reminder @elmo41683

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