Referral tab reliability

Hi everyone,

I was hoping some of you can shed a little light on the Referrals Tab and how it works.

Ive been sending my referral links to everyone I know with the hopes that someone at least uses it once. Now I am not 100% sure that someone has used my codes but with the amount that I have sent it to and the responses I have gotten it is highly likely.

When I look at the buddy bucks and amount of referrals it says 0 and 0. This maybe correct and all my friends may be mugging me off saying they’ll use my codes (which is also highly likely) or there is a glitch in the system.

Would I get a response letting me know when someone has used one?

Has anyone else been using this feature on here or had similar experiences with this?

As of yesterday or 2 days ago, the US links are broken for projectors so maybe that’s the reason it said 0 and 0. But from my understanding, it also takes a good amount of time for Anker to verify those purchases