Refer a Friend to the Community | Win Gifts for Both of You!

Hey fans! You love Anker, right? Well, of course you do, hence why you’re reading this! But what’s even better than having an awesome community full of your favorite stuff? Sharing the experience with friends.

If you’ve got friends or family who have yet to be welcomed into the Anker community, now is the time to get them on board. By sharing the joy with them, you both stand to gain not only an awesome time on the community, but an incredible Anker haul!

So, here’s the deal. From now until March 25th, all new members will be automatically entered to win an Anker product of their choice (up to a $20 value). Referrers are eligible to receive even more:

  • If you refer 3 people to the community, you’ll get 150 PowerBucks as well as 150 experience points. You’ll also be entered to win an Anker product of your choice (up to a $50 value…yep, this number is gonna keep climbing).

  • Refer 5 people and get 250 bucks and points, and you’ll be in with a chance to win an Anker product of your choice worth up to $100.

  • Now we’re in the big leagues. If you refer 10 or more people, we’re going to lavish you with our undying praise and gratitude. Oh yeah, and 500 PowerBucks as well as 500 experience points. Senior member status, here you come! Not only that, you’ll have a chance to win a prize of your choice worth up to $250.

All you’ve got to do is ask the people you refer to post a greeting in the comments of this post, letting us know who referred them! It can be something as simple as:

“Hey, I’m new! I was referred by @AnkerOfficial, the cleverest, most beautiful, hottest community manager ever, who is also an amazing singer.”

Oh okay, you don’t have to put that last part. Just make sure your refer-ees give you a shout-out, and you’ll be on the Prize Train to Wins-ville in no time.

By the way, feel free to share this event on social media! E-friends count towards your referrals as well, as long as they post down below saying who sent ‘em.

Time to spread the love, Anker fans. Power On, and good luck!


  1. Refer people to create a free Anker community account, and ask them to post a comment below telling us who referred them.

  2. Share the event on social media to get more referrals.

  3. New members have a chance to win 1 of 10 $20 prizes of their choice.

  4. Users who refer 3 people will get 150 PowerBucks and experience points, and will be entered to win 1 of 5 $50 prizes of their choice.

  5. Users who refer 5 people will get 250 PowerBucks and experience points, and will be entered to win 1 of 3 $100 prizes of their choice.

  6. Users who refer 10 or more people will get 500 PowerBucks and experience points, and will be entered to win a $250 prize of their choice.

  7. Open to residents in the US, UK, Canada, and Germany only.

  8. This event runs from March 7th to March 25th, 2019.

  9. Winners may select one prize of their choice. Prizes may be from the Anker, eufy, Nebula, Roav, or Soundcore brands. Only products currently in stock in your home country will be eligible.

  10. Anker may suspend or terminate the Referral Program or a user’s ability to participate in the Referral Program at any time for any reason.

  11. Anker reserves the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals in our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

Community Referral Winners!

Thanks for your participation in our recent event!

A big shout out to @Raul_Alexandre, you successfully invited 14 new fans to the community! You’ve won 500 PowerBucks and experience points, and as well a prize of your choice up to $250 in value.

@Ikari04warrior, you brought in 5 new users, so you’ll get 250 PowerBucks and experience points, and a prize of your choice up to $100.

@Thanuj_Fernando, congratulations! By inviting 3 new fans, you’ve won 150 PowerBucks and experience points, and a prize of your choice up to $50.

In addition, the following new members have won a $20 prize of their choice:


Welcome to the ultimate fan club!

All winners will receive a confirmation email this week to submit their prize choice and shipping address. Make sure to keep an eye on your email so you don’t miss it.

Thanks again! Stay tuned for the next community event!


Done and done😎


Wow! I’m on it! Very well done Anker! This will be exciting to see who can recruit the most new members


This is totally getting posted on my tech social media accounts!


Done :blush:


Remember to let your friends to give you a shout-out here!:grin:


Why do I have this uneasy feeling there are gonna be a lot more account names with +1, +2 etc to take advantage of this leveling up opportunity…


What do you mean?? I haven’t just created 10 free hotmail accounts at all :imp:


I could use my clones! But I dont! :joy:

Dont like such production of “new members”


So @AnkerOfficial the referrals have to actually join the community?

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Anker will be keeping a close eye on anyone that tries to cheat the system to quickly rank up and suspend their account from participating.


Wow this is great news to wake up to! Now I just gotta find people to refer lol

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Oh no. Here we go with your point farming again :roll_eyes: :joy:

Can it be used for people who recently joined (under a month) or just new ones going forward?

Good Idea. Will the price be equal in countries with other currencies? Like 50$ = 50€ = 50£?

I was about to say that someone will find a way to get around it and how, but probably not the best idea lol

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@Fuu_bar I know who would try it but let’s leave it in the safe hands of the ABI - Anker bureau of investigation :wink:


Guess I need more friends…

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I’m just gonna try to get 3 people to join, so I can at least go for the smaller prize…

It is tough to convince friends to join forums unless they share the same passion towards technology