Refer A Friend Part 2

I read the old Threads about referring friends and how no one seems to know how, I don’t know how either and #Anker has not responded telling us how. Seeing as how it is one of the main ways to earn Power Bucks I would have thought this question would have been answered.

Here is A referral link, this is for the Nintendo thing, but it works for that AND I HOPE for referring friends for Power Draw.

Hi @Chris_Renshaw , there are several ways to accumulate power bucks (PB) such as starting a new (uncovered topic) or in general just being an active member by posting regularly and entering the occasional competitions run by @AnkerOfficial where power bucks are the main prize. Unless you have a lot of friends (or social media following) you would likely generate more PB this way. As mentioned in the following thread;

You could drop @AnkerOfficial a private message to inquire about how to refer friends…

If you refer a friend to join the community, please send a message to @AnkerOfficial, once we verify your friends account, your bucks will be added.:sunglasses:

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How do we refer a friend to join the community? And do we email Anker to send the message?

You would need to tell your friends to register using the create account option on (under login) then private message @AnkerOfficial with your friends username so they can verify the account has been created / activated by your friend(s)…

Thank you very much I’ll try to focus more on the community then! I’ve sent referral links I just have to find out who registers.