Redesigned Nebula Site!

Nebula’s website has just been completely overhauled, receiving similar treatment to the recently redesigned eufy site… Take a look!

What is your initial reaction to the new look?

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Let us know your thoughts down below!

I spy a video from @TechnicallyWell!


I like it!!


Have to admit that I never looked at the old site as I’m not in the market for a projector. :hushed:

But the new design looks clean and organized and similar to the other Anker sites I’ve visited. :ok_hand:

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I’m not in the market for a projector but this looks really good. I really like the new look. And I’m glad to see the increase in dpi. The part about the “Ansi Lumen,” had me laughing because I had a picture of all these little lumens running around due to a sugar rush or power rush. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Looks good :+1:t2:

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Not seeing that page on the UK version of eufy.

Nebular just says … 404 gateway error

The webpage looks clean, great use of the white space. Nebula really stands out!

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Got the same, Mac : 404.

But always remember: “Friday is Payday!” :joy:

I was just looking at the US site as I didn’t have the option to change to UK site.

Still looks good though :+1:t2:

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