Red notification in Eufy Security app

Today I received a new Eufycam 2 and I have connected it succesfully with the homebase 1. I tried our the camera and got a notification when the camera was triggered (as expected). But, when I open the Eufy security app, there is a red pop-up with a message that an alarm was set off. You can dismiss this pop-up (clicking on the ‘x’ but it keeps popping uw everytime I open the app. I deleted all the notifications, but without succes, the notification keeps popping up. That is annoying. Any idea hoe to stop this irritating pop-up.

I dont have the EufyCam 2, but I think the pop-ups are for the Event notification, may you could disable the events and those pop-up could be stopped.

Won’t work, pop-up (only when opening the app), keeps comming up. Maybe someone from support can help me with this.

Is the pop-up like this? If yes, click on “don’t show again”

@Kudde do drop a note with details and screenshot to they should be able to help you

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