Recycling Program

I wonder if Anker has a recycling program. I believe this will be cool for Anker to implement. Not trying to put more in Ankers plate but I wonder if this already exist? @AnkerOfficial


I don’t think it exists, but it could be cool.

I assume you mean kind of like apples? Where you turn in the product and they might give you some credit?

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Actually that is a great idea! They could reuse some of the tech, refurbish, and resell! I like it!

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I agree too and like the idea of recycle, dumping less is always good. :grin:

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In a way they do but I don’t think its been fully advertised how to return items or if they are just ‘unwanted’ Amazon returns…countries may also have something to do with it


Well, this looks more like a refurbished program. I’m talking to be able to send our old charger once it stops working or the batteries begin to die. Not really expecting credit back. Maybe if the device can be fix on a cheap way, it could be donated to a school or some kind of social program.

Just saying.


Oh that’s not a bad idea. That’s not quite what I thought you meant.

I like the idea. Reduces mineral mining and usage if they can use older stuff and reuse parts. Like Apple used aluminum from other stuff sent to them and made iPad from those reused aluminum

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@tugar32 send Anker an email and maybe they can implement your idea. It’s not a bad idea after all :+1:


I would actually use it right now! I have a couple stuff I want to get rid of

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That is a fantastic idea! Let’s hope this gets reviewed for implementation!


Yes this is a great idea. I too have many products which eventually will need recycling.

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Here we have good possibilities for recycling:
glass, plastics, paper, batteries, old motor oil, lacquer paints etc.

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Well @Chiquinho I understand your enthusiasm to recycle, but I was focusing more on the line of products of Anker. Even if they only accepted Anker products it will be ok with me.

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good luck getting anyone to accept cables in a recycling program. It costs more than the materials are worth so nobody wants them. Most recycling programs turn accessories and cables away.

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Sorry to bump an old thread, but maybe it’s time to rethink this.

I have an old Anker battery. Purchased late 2014 or early 2015. It’s the Anker Astro 12000mAh (Model 79AN7904S in Black). It finally died on me. It looks like I can charge the battery (the gauge goes up over time), but it won’t charge other devices. And the battery depletes itself totally in less than a week.

What to do with this battery? If Anker had a recycling program, then I’d mail it in. And to get people to mail in their batteries, Anker can give out $5 store credit per battery to offset the shipping costs for the users.

Hey @AnkerOfficial, what do you think?

Any update to this from Anker? Don’t mind paying shipping but an official way to recycle old battery packs would be nice.

It looks like this is their recycling options which is ok.

Good idea :+1:

Recycling is always a subject worth re-raising.
This makes an interesting read.