Recruiting your buddies into the world of Anker

Spent the weekend in Tenby camping with a few friends and their families. We were all around the camp fire (as you do) when the tunes needed to be introduced. My friends speaker was flat so out came the Anker Premium Bluetooth Speaker. I love this baby so much. I love the awesome sound it pumps out for hours on a single charge.

Instantly I was asked, how loud does it go? So I happily blew their minds :slight_smile: Then, how much? Double happy :smile: and then I’ve ordered one hahaha

And this morning it was delivered :ok_hand:

What got your friends hooked on Anker?


Thanks my friend, I very appreciate that your friend and you will enjoy it!:grin:

You have a sparkling-clean kitchen haha :grin:

Hahaha :joy:

Nice! Just last night I let someone borrow my Anker PowerCore Mini as their phone was under 10%. He really liked the compact size of it and asked where to get one.

That’s my friends kitchen with his new speaker :slight_smile:

When I first take a quick look, I thought wow nice laptop and keyboard on the table…:joy:

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