Recovery from Huricane Florence

I just wanted to let everyone know that all is well with me. Thankfully we did not get direct hit from Huricane Florence, and thankfully it didnt hit as a category 4 storm.
We did lose power for a few hours, luckily we had a generator to power the fridges and freezer. But because we live a block Way from the Fire Department we were the first to get power back, while the rest of the city is still without power.

There is quite a bit of flooding going in as it’s still raining pretty bad. We didnt get too much in our yard, but surrounding neighbors properties look like Ponds.

The most damage that we have had and continue to have is fallen trees, our yard is covered with a ton of trees spanning 2+ acres…I don’t know the exact acreage. But its huge and trees on all sides of the house has come down, with only 1 hitting the roof over the garage.
Once it stops raining, we will be headed out with chains and chainsaws to clean up the debris.

Here are some pictures of the damage around the house that I took earlier, it’s actually worse now with more trees down but it’s raining way to hard for me to risk going out again


Very glad you and your family are OK, @elmo41683!

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Very glad, that you and your family are fine.

We all see how tiny human beings are and how powerful nature is.

Glad to know you’re OK! Keep an eye out for additional flooding, which can go on for a week!

Very glad to know you are OK!

Glad you and yours are ok!

Glad everything is ok and you guys didn’t get much damage.

Thank goodness you escaped unharmed.

Did your torch in time?

Thanks everyone.

@amangons Yes indeed I got the torch in time, as seen with our batterypacks all charged up


Glad to know you and your fam are OK! Stay Powered!:battery:

Glad to know you and yours got through unscathed @elmo41683

That’s quite the power core collection you have there. :ok_hand: