Recording issue

I have configured my camera to the optimal surveillance mode, the camera record for only 11 seconds max and is very slow to get the image, sometimes the video i see a car in my driveway that is apperaing with someone walking by the car … It’s like 5-6 seconds that the camera missed …

So to be clear

  • The camera has a big lag before recording
  • Also the camera only record 11 seconds even if there is a movement, it should continue until no movements.

What firmware version are you on?

Still at, i don’t know why it doesn’t update, it would be nice to have an update button to fetch the update !


As per support

hahaha you are so funny

A couple of days … It’s been already a couple of days …

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I am having the same issue. Homebase firmware is The longest recording that I have 12 seconds, even after increasing the motion sensitivity to maximum and changing the camera mode to optimal surveillance

Yup, same boat as Kanellos: latest firmware versions and my longest recordings are 12 seconds, with 7 seconds being pretty common, too. Cameras are set for Optimal Surveillance Mode.