Recorded Video Freezes in App - eufy 2 & 2C

Is anyone else experiencing image freeze-ups when playing recorded video clips in the eufy App?
I sent the following to eufy support via email but have not gotten an answer yet:

I have two Homebase2, Four eufycam2 cameras, and 5 eufycam2C cameras.

During playback on the App, about 25% of my recorded video clips freeze, usually less than 1 second after beginning. The image freezes but audio continues to play during the entire recording.

This began to happen frequently in early August, 2020.

Most recorded videos play back normally but freezing occurs randomly with all of my cameras, usually at the worst possible time.

All four of my eufyCam 2 have these updates:
Subsystem Version 1.0.70-20200706
System Version 2.6.6

All five of my eufyCam 2C have these updates:
Subsystem Version 1.0.70-20200706
System Version 1.6.6

Both of my two HomeBase 2 have these updates:
Subsystem Version
System Version

My eufy Security App is installed on three Android devices and is v1.9.0_646(US)

Playback freezing occurs in the App the same way on all three devices.

Troubleshooting steps I have taken:

  1.   I reset both of my base stations.
  2.   I unpaired my cameras and re-added them to the base stations.
  3.   I reset my modem and wi-fi network.

I found that the frozen videos can be viewed normally if I download them from the app, then open them using the Android video player on my device. This is time consuming and unsatisfactory.

Incidentally, my video recordings and live video began to randomly pixillate at about the same time that the video freezing began.


Same problems here. Using the Andriod app with “Homebase 2” and 3 “2C” Cams.
Same updates on my Homebase2 and the cams.

Maybe it’s one of these updates which causes the errors?


Same problems here. Homebase 2 and 2x 2C cams. Latest updates on homebase and cams. The freezing and pixillate began early august. Downloads shows perfect images but is not what i want to do all te time…
Hopefully its a software problem…

I am new to the forum, but have also opened a ticket with Anker/Eufy for the same issue. I have the 2C connected to the base station. If I download the video, it is fine. if I stream the video, the video does not play (stays dark but you can make out the image), but the audio seems to continue playing. I know this because I can hear my alerts going off on my phone when I was trying to trouble shoot this.

This is what I sent for support:

I am a recent purchaser of the Eufy Cam system. I have the 2K Battery Doorbell, 2 2K Pro’s, and 1 2C camera. out of all of these, when I get an alert that motion was detected on the 2C, I go to the events and stream the event. However, the video does not stream while the audio does, it simply looks like a dark picture - even though the alert is in the middle of the day. If I were to download the recording and play it, it looks fine. This is only happening on the 2C recordings.

I have stopped and restarted the 2c, I have formatted the Base Stations storage location, I have even restarted the base station - all of which does not resolve the issue.

The following is the firmware currently loaded:

2C: 1.6.6 (2020-08-14 16:21:51) / Sub version: 1.0.70-20200706

Base Station: (2020-08-13 05:42:09) Sub Version:

I don’t recall this happening on the previous version of the base station, but I recently purchased the devices so I cannot be 100% sure.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

Also have this issue. Has only just cropped up this morning when checking recorded events.

As others, the cameras are recording which is good but I’m having to download each event and watch in a separate video app which is a huge pain.

Have also lodged a support ticket. Hopefully this is widespread enough that it’s looked at and fixed.

I have precisely the same problems on 3 cameras … this problem happened in August very recently.
I can’t find a solution. Yet everything worked perfectly well before.
Thanks for the tip of downloading the recorded videos while waiting for a fix.

Have you checked the app to see if there are any updates?

Hi @Clyde3 @Snowrisk @franck1 @spamoni4 @mrjamesblamb @nicolasjouffroy,

Thanks for letting us know the issue and thank you for reaching out to our service team.
We are optimizing the APP right now. Our customer service team will keep you up to date via email

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

Best regards,
The Anker Community Team

Hey there,

I have the same problem recently in August. My footage will randomly freeze and pixelate the video with white, purple and green pixels. It usually lasts a second or two but will cover up the video up to 80%.

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I just tested with an iPad and an iPhone, the video seems to stream correctly on those devices. My issue is with my Android phone. Hope this helps in the resolution.

Curious if others having the problem are also Android Based devices?

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Hey there,

I have the same problem recently in August. My footage will randomly freeze and pixelate the video with white, purple and green pixels. It usually lasts a second or two but will cover up the video up to 80%.
I hope for a quick solution.

regards L.Ros

Yes. My devices are all Android based

same issue for me too.

My App has been updated to v2.0.0_672(US) overnight 8/17-18.
Previously, it was v1.9.0_646(US)
I checked the description of the update in the Google Play store but there is no mention of any bug fixes.
I had an alert this morning that went into freeze-frame mode and my live view still pixelates every few seconds, just as before. I suspect that the problems have not been fixed.

I received an email indicating that the engineers believes it to be a firmware issue which they are working on resolving as fast as they can. No definite time frame was provided, it was indicated that it could take a week or so. but from my experience as a developer, it will probably take a little longer.

Having the same issues.
Hope they get it fixed soon.

Experiencing these exact issues as well. Opened a ticket today. Already tried all the above to fix issues as well as replacing the eufy cam 2, and the home base 2. Replacing them did nothing. Hope they figure this out soon

The Android app has been updated to v. 2.01_676(us). I had 49 alerts from my eufy 2 & 2c cameras today and all of them played flawlessly except one that pixellated briefly. It looks as if eufy has addressed the freezing recorded video problem.