Recorded time is an hour ahead of actual time

I’ve checked on an incident today at 9.30 …searching through the 3 min clips found the incident at 10.30 yet the live feed of the cam is set to the correct time…? Any help would be appreciated

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Hi @paulnewt69,
I assume you’re referring to a dash cam? If so, which model do you have?

Hi…sorry…its a dash cam c1

I have not set mine up yet, but could it be that there is a daylight savings mode which would put everything an hour ahead of what the time states?

Hi no there is no daylight saving mode on this cam

I’ve got this camera and does not have this feature.

As to the recordings being off. I haven’t had that issue yet. I’ve had a couple other issues and found that resetting everything back to factory spec and formatting the SD card fixed them.

If that doesn’t work I would contact support. Make sure to tell them what issues you have and what you tried to resolve. Make sure to give them serial number and purchase order info.

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Thanks, like I mentioned I have not set mine up yet but that’s good to know

Thanks @elmo41683 and @Element321 for the suggestions!
@paulnewt69, if you still have issues with this, please contact the Roav team using the information below. Thanks!

Phone: 1-800-988-7973, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm (PT)


Thank you so much for all the suggestions and help. I feel so lucky. :grin:

@paulnewt69 We are so sorry to hear that the time in your Dash Cam is not correct. We have a new firmware which might resolve this issue. Could you please let us know if you are willing to have a try? If yes, please email us at "" with your problem. Please don’t worry. We are always here and will help you resolve the issue ASAP.
@Element321 Thank you sooooo much for your suggestions. Resetting the dashcam and formatting the SD card are good points to fix some issues.

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Hi thanks for the reply,I’ve emailed your support team and await a reply.

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