Record much longer videos (manual - not motion detection)

I know that long videos will decrease battery life. But if I am willing to accept that and recharge it more frequently (or even have it plugged in), I would like to view and record a long video, like 20 mins or longer. Manually started - not via motion detection.

I use the iOS app and after 2.5 mins it gives me a warning about battery life and long videos where I choose continue. But then at 5 minutes, it stops recording without even a chance to continue.

I would really like to have a mode where I can choose to record a longer video, without getting any warning at all that requires user intervention.

Good idea! Didn’t knew yet, that the manual recording got a maximum limit at all! :astonished:

There should be an optional “max-time setting for manual recordings”, which can be set from 1 min to unlimited.

If you don’t mind, i have added this to my TO-DO LIST as point #16:

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