Recommendations for a new USB power meter

Hi all,

I’m currently using this DROK meter to measure current, etc on my charging devices, but it’s just USB 2.0 and does not account for PD, USB C, or any of the other modern standards. I like it, generally, but my Galaxy S9+ takes a charge faster than it can measure. Here is it measuring inaccurately the chrage going to my Galacy s9+, which was self-reporting a faster charge.

Anyway, I need a new meter because I have several things that charge faster than this will measure. Here are some other things I’d like:

  1. USB-C to USB-C option
  2. QC 3.0 and PD compatibility
  3. A female in and male out for both USB A and C (So I can place the meter at the delivery end of a cable, measuring the cable at output)
  4. Micro in and out

Does anyone have suggestions? I’m looking at the upgraded version of this meter and one that is a bit less expensive, but neither of them really cover all of 1-4 above. Does anyone have experience here and can let me know what they think?



$12.99 ordered one for work and is working well.

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I have the same meter you do and I have grown to hate it, glad you asked this cause I need a better one too

Biggest issue i found with these meters is too many people have ones that do not interface with QC. Its all over amazon them conplaining about chargers when its a test equipment hardware issue.

I still use this one …:sunglasses:

PS if you look carefully into the glass, you see me laughing …


:laughing: That is AMAZING! Surely that belongs in a museum now!

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Found it in ebay. Immediate buy for 75 euro. Or auction, starting at 1 euro. I was the only tenderer … no one else took part in the auction …