Recommendations (cables, etc) for the Nintendo Switch

I just got a Nintendo Switch but am in fix as to how to charge it while on the go. Since it’s so new, there isn’t a lot of reliable information on what portable chargers, cables, etc work well with it.

I have: Anker PowerCore 20100 and the 40W/8A PowerPort 5

Does anyone else love Anker products and gaming on their Nintendo Switch? What Anker products do you use/recommend for charging on the go?

Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


The following article might be useful, it cover some important points about cables and possible issues with charging whilst playing;


I don’t own the Switch but looking at its specs and its AC adapter it looks like USB-C but not matching any of the power delivery profiles e.g. 15V not 12V or 20V

So what I think will happen is I will negotiate at 5V 2.6A.

Therefore the closest Anker portable charger would be the Powercore+ 20100

Use the shortest cable you can tolerate.

From the link Neil posted it appears to be like my Pixel C in that you drain the Switch faster than it charge, so consider proactive charging, I.e. don’t drain then attaching power but keep attached to power as much as possible so you at least slow the drain.

Example 3Ft cable, shorter would offer some potential gain

For chargers well Powerport 5 USBC

Nor at 2.6A but more like 2.2A would be Powerport2,4,5.


Anker also makes a glass screen protector for the Nintendo Switch:


It’s kind of a PITA to have a cable dangling from the Switch. I don’t typically go on marathon Zelda sessions so I plug it in when the battery gets low and take a break.

Anker, it would be cool if you made a switch specific USB C cable that has a U shape plug, so the plug goes around the body and the cable shoots up the backside of the Switch. That would also prevent the plug from breaking off in the unit

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From the views in forums and reviews, it suggests that there is nothing other than official charger which can recharge it while in use of the most intensive games, in some cases you may be slowing the rate of drain by plugging in external battery pack.

As such you’d want one which was ergonomically the easiest, which has the maximum output (one with 2.4 to 3A output) and itself can recharge rapidly ready to its role. So examples would be the Powercore Slim 5000 which is thin. The Powercore II 10000 out next month may be better option (and no date or price known just its due in May), but pretty much the Slim 5000, Powercore 10000, Powercore II 20000, Powercore 26800, and many others… will all do at least 2A output.

Here is a review and advise using Anker and non-Anker.