Recommendation on car charger and cable?

I am getting very confused on what car chargers and cables to use safely with my devices. We have 2 Google Pixels, an Asus tablet, and a Samsung tablet. All except the Samsung are USB-C devices and I know there are problems with some USB-C cables. We are planning a cross country trip and want to charge the Asus and the Pixels simultaneously. Any suggestions?


So you have 4 devices that need to be charged at the same time?

Seemingly the powerport 4 would suffice, paired with powercore+ Usb-c cable would work

But ultimately I would get Anker 50W 5 port charger

And this [2-Pack] Anker PowerLine+ USB C to USB A Fast Charging Cable



The long car journey situation all the seats front+rear get used so you need a long cable from the charger part in the 12V supply to a multiport which sits central to the two seat rows. That 5 port model perfectly suits that situation.

“Safe”. There is no safety issue, it is just one of recharge performance, which in a road trip is not an issue, the common situation is a 5V 2A 10W charge so if you enter the vehicle with mostly fully charged devices, they will leave the vehicle with charged devices, and the device drain inside the vehicle is easily kept up with the Powerdrive 10W output.


I’ve never seen a charger like that before. If I needed more than one charger, that seems really useful. Definitely going on my wishlist.

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Own one. Works well.

Pair with some longer cables so it is in the middle usually on the central area between the front seats and all the rear seats get a port. So think 6ft for the two rear left / right. All the others on 3ft cables.

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I like the looks of this but the cables state that they don’t support fast charging on a Google Pixel. It’s there another cable that does?

Do you have more than 1 12V outlet? With the 2 pixels and 2 tablets you may get more benefit out of 2 powerdrive speed 2’s. If you charge all 4 at the same time you may not get the charge speeds you would hope for. A simple look would allot you 12.5W per device, while 2 chargers would give you almost 20W per device. Anker does have 1 charger that would support Google’s fast charge system (they want a usb C to usb C system, the car chargers are all USB-A interface). Otherwise, your speed will still be fine, it just would not be the fastest possible.

I did find this guy as an option, you could get 2 and utilize both USB-C charge ports:

Though you would also then need the 2 pack Elmo41683 points out for your tablets, as well as 2 of something similar to the one below for your pixels:

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Full speed charging of Google Pixel can be achieved with this C to C cable from Anker.