Recommendation for wall charging iphone and ipad simultaneously

I’m looking for the simplest way to charge two Apple devices (an iPhone and iPad) with lightening connectors at the same time, via a wall socket.

I thought the simplest method would be a single USB to lightening cable that split into two. But do they exist? Not that I can see. There are plenty of lightening + android split cables but I can’t find one that will power two Apple devices…

So the alternative option seems to be a twin wall charger with two separate cables. One cable too many but, hey, I can live with it. Then comes the hard part. Which of all the Anker options do I choose?

Any recommendations please on the optimum combination? Fast charging is a nice to have rather than a must have. But a good braided cable that will last is also important.

Thanks guys!

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PowerPort III Duo (currently $27.99) sounds like a great fit for your devices. It will fast charge your iPhone, but possibly not your iPad depending on the model.

As far as a cable, PowerLine+ II USB-C to Lightning (currently $17.59 with coupon) is a great choice.

If you want to ensure fast charging for your iPad, PowerPort Atom PD 2 (currently $43.99 with coupon) is another fantastic option.

Hope this helps… Let me know if you have any further questions and what you ultimately decide!


I think someone done a really good comparison of available products. Have a quick search (or maybe someone nice will copy link)

The best I can do as a wall charger is this…

Anker USB-C Power Adapter, 36W 2-Port PIQ 3.0, PowerPort III Duo Type C Fast Charger, Power Delivery for iPhone 11/11 Pro / 11 Pro Max/XR/Xs/Max/X, Galaxy, Pixel, iPad Pro, and More

Appreciate the ideas guys, thank you. Will investigate…

Any idea why no-one seems to produce a single cable that will charge two iPhones at the same time? Lightening + Android exists but I can’t seem to find 2 x Lightening…

Not sure it would be safe to charge both from a single cable, due to the draw for the iPad on top of charging an iPhone.

Best to stick to a 2 in 1 charger and 2 leads. Whichever gives the most juice, use that 1 for the iPad, and the other slot for the iPhone.

Prob someone will say why they don’t do a 2 in 1 lead… Mind I’ve not seen one for Android either. I’ve seen 3/2 in 1 where there’s different “heads” but you can only use one head at a time!