Recipient low volume issue

Hi - my Roav works great, except the people I call don’t get enough volume to hear me well. Is there any setting I can access to change this?


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Hi @Victor_Herbert, May I know which Roav product do you mean?

Thanks for the rrply.

Roav Bluetooth F2 E839. I can hear others perfectly, but they can barely hear me.

Hi @Victor_Herbert,

Thank you for your reply, would you mind to follow the instruction below to see if it will solve your isuue:

  1. Could we trouble you to try an AUX cable and see if the noise issue could be resolved? (Please use an AUX cable to connect the f0with the audio input port on your car)

  2. Make sure the cell phone’s volume is turned up in maximum.

  3. Please try a different FM frequency.