Recharging Anker powercore+ 26800 with Anker 24w 2 port wall charger

I have just bought Anker powercore+ and was really excited, few days ago, i bought dual usb powerport wall charger from anker with 24w, powercore+ has just 2 lights, so i am charging with that Anker’s 24w charger, it has been over 2 hours, but it’s still on 2 lights, i wonder is it really charging? Just to check, i have recharged my phone with that wall charger to see if it’s okay, but there was no problem with it, how much time will it take to fully recharge the power bank? Think it is too slow considering i am charging with a wall charger which has “Voltage boost” technology…any words? Do i need to return? Or it is normal time?

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What powercore+? Some are huge, and can take a VERY long time to recharge.

My bad…i have updated the title…it is actually powercore+ 26800mah

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That makes sense then. Just give it overnight or something. If it still doesn’t work, contact


Do you mean it will recharge fully overnight? It’s 22:45 here, and it has 3 hours on charge till now.

Update: Just got the 3rd light now :D…That happiness!

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I have an old one that charges though micro usb (20000) that takes about 2-3 days to recharge. That one should recharge overnight with that charger. If it doesn’t, contact Anker.

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Alright…Thank you for the help :slight_smile:

Does the powercore+ 26,000 have a micro USB input or type-c input?

If it has a type c input the fastest way to charge would be to use a type c 30w power delivery charger and a type c to type c cable

If it has a micro USB fastest way to charge would be to use a wall charger with quick Charge 3.0 or Anker power IQ 2.0


MicroUSB input

Then l would get a wall charger capable of quick charge 3.0 or an Anker wall charger with (power IQ 2.0) power IQ 2.0 is compatible with quick Charge 3.0


They don’t mention the powerIQ version in many of their wall chargers…i have not too long ago bought 2 port 24w wall charger it has powerIQ, but they didn’t mentioned the iq version in their specs or description

The one you bought is power IQ 1.0

Search for Power IQ 2.0 on Amazon and it will show you all of the Anker wall and car chargers with PIQ 2.0.

You could also search “Anker quick Charge 3.0”

Power IQ 2.0 is Anker Tech but it is compatible with quick Charge 3.0 and backwards compatible with quick Charge 2.0 and quick Charge 1.0

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if its not stated as being power IQ 2.0 then you have the regular power IQ which is only capable of outputting up to 12w. Voltage boost only accounts for cable resistance and doesn’t magically increase voltage as needed to supercharge something

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Okay, now i get the point, which charger do you recommend? Please share its link

Depends on how many devices you charge at night and how much you want to spend.

This one is future proof and has a 30w type c output and a 19.5w regular USB PIQ2.0 USB-A port.

Basic quick charge single quick charge 3.0 port

Car charger bottom port is PIQ 2.0


Thank you for the links, the first one looks good indeed. Will buy it today.

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You bought this?

Well it recharges at QC3 speeds so you bought therefore the wrong charger. IQ2 includes QC3 so you need either an IQ2 or QC3 charger. You bought this?

You should have bought either of these:

So if you did buy a QC3 recharged 26800 but not a QC3 charger then it would be giving likely 10W out not 18W out so you’d get slower than the fastest 10 hour charging and probably 16 hour charging.