Recharging anker 10050 quick charge 3.0

While recharging the powercore , the LED lamps are blinking but it doesn’t show how much it recharged until its full and turn off . Is it ordinary?

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which adapter do u use?

Correct, as it charges the lights blink on and off until its fully charged. Once removed from the charger you will see the charge state when you press the button

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And how much it will take to be recharged while using iphone wall charger

About 11hrs

But sometimes it showes 4 solid lights and when i remove the charger and press the button its showes 7 solid lights … is it ok??

As I mentioned it’s perfectly normal, but try to leave it plugged in until its fully charged.

is the 20000 the only powerbank, which u cab chsrge with 2 cables?