Really disappointed with my Roav S1

I’ve had a couple days of use now on my new Roav S1 and I have to say overall I am very disappointed so far. While the video quality is fine, making use of it seems next to impossible. I had mine set for 5min recording times, when I went to access the videos, they were over 600mb in size. Which isnt crazy considering the video quality, but when I went to go download it? Totally different story. First 3 times the app crashed almost immediately after starting the transfer. Second time I reduced the video size to 3 minutes and was able to successfully download a 400+mb file…IN 10 MINUTES. Transfer rates barely cracked 1mb/sec the entire time. How would one ever access the video in the event of an emergency should I have to show it to an officer after a crash if the app consistently crashes when reviewing videos?

  • Transfer rates are slow and inconsistent, barely being able to maintain 1mb/sec for files that are several hundred mb in size

  • App crashes when reviewing or downloading video


That’s a shame. What class micro SD card are you using? That could be part of the problem.

Samsung EVO Select 64GB 100MB/s (U3) MicroSD (MB-ME64GA/AM)

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But what class is it (class 6, 8, 10 etc.) not that it really matters. At 100/MBs it should work fine anyway…

Class 10, its the latest generation Samsung Evo Select card out there.

For what I can remember of using my C1 model, speed transfers via the app are slower due to the WIFI standard within the camera(s) (this may have changed on the S1)nand has been similar on any brand I’ve used…including my current NextBase 312GW…for large files your best being hardwired to a PC / Laptop or transferring via card slot…

In the event of an emergency, you could show the officer direct on the camera…not ideal but I’ve rarely seen any ‘WIFI’ enabled dashcam give normal level transfer speeds…you could also try deleting / installing your app again on your phone which I found improved the crash levels…

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Is there a higher software/firmware update beyond v1.4? This definitely seems to be buggy. What is the standard of wifi being used on the hardware on the cam? Even improving the consistency of the transfer speeds would improve performance, if it could at least hold a 1mb/sec transfer speed.

I think my biggest beef beyond the download speeds is that the wifi is even too slow to view the videos from the app itself from your phone within the car. It buffers constantly because the video cannot maintain a consistent transfer rate.

Myself and others gave gotten improved speed with Bluetooth off and at times even using airplane mode

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That is curious, it would seem to indicate an issue with interference.

Seems like they need to push out an update to fix it

Frankly im surprised the S1 doesn’t have a newer firmware version, some of the other models I see are already in the 2.0’s which seems to indicate they have had alot more software development. Given how the user manual seems to be carried over from each model, I wonder if that is an issue with the software as well. My user manual doesnt even mention 1080p 60fps support or a whole host of other features that were added to the S1, in fact it seems to be the user manual for the C1 or even the A1 model.

Does the video quality also seem poor as well?

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It’s not as bad that C1 (pro) was, before we cried for help and got that awful digital sharpening removed. Seems like that same fix should help a lot with that S1 too.

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I read that thread and that is disappointing at best. Mod’s seem more focused on yelling at people about language then they do about admitting that there is a problem. It’s been over 24 hours since a ticket was opened on my original issue and i’ve only received a response asking for what device I had, even though the ticket was opened from the app reporting a crash. So apparently the app crash did not submit any diagnostic data regarding the issue.

The app version im using is Ver 4.0.7 but the device firmware is only showing up as 1.4 with no available updates. I wonder if they abandoned support for this in favor of developing other models.

Support sent me over firmware version 1.6 tonight, gonna give it a go and see if it helps with anything.

That is very disappointing to hear. I am really hoping that the firmware will fix your issues

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Let’s hope it works man :+1: best of luck

Well I can report back it improved the transfer speeds making it easier to preview videos via the app. It varies now between 1mb/s up to 2.5mb/s via wifi connection. However when you go to download videos via wifi, the app crashes consistently everytime with a “download failed” error message.

ugh that’s disappointing to hear. This was one of the main reason I’m been holding off buying one