Razer (Gaming) Collab

Looks like Anker is gearing up to partner with Razer. I would speculate some Razer art on some Anker products. They’ve done similar collaborations in the past with Collin Chan.

What do you think and predict? Who would you like Anker to collaborate with in the future?


This would be interesting, even more so if they make a batterypack specifically for the high power demand of its usb laptop and razor phone


Maybe it will be a power bank with rgb leds. I mean razor had them everywhere

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Hmmm… Maybe an RGB wireless charging pad? Then again, the Razer phone doesn’t support wireless charging…

ohh sounds very interesting can’t wait to see what they come up with…maybe go with their new headset ?


Not Razor.

I suppose if I were tasked with making the best partnership product I’d combine a speaker with USB power. Anker does makes these already but could make one tuned for gaming? Say a 26800mAh with dual stereo?

Now then, this

Looks similar to this

So a Zolo sound lights battery thing?


Not a big fan of Razer products (due to quality control and customer service), but I’m a fan of their brand and CEO.

I can see a potential partnership where we launch a campaign to introduce our faster, cheaper, and overall better chargers for their fans to charge their gaming laptops and phones.


This doesn’t particularly fit with the Zolo brand, but Razer did buy the Nexbit and made the Razer phone.

The Razer phone is part of Razer Linda project where you drop the phone into something which adds battery, sound, display.

This is very tangential so quite unlikely but you could be looking at a Razer phone docking station which adds better sound and battery only? Given Anker hasn’t ever really got into displays, it could be just a battery with speaker shaped as a dock for the Razer phone? That’s one level up from a battery case to add sound?


Personally I’m right against this idea I just invented. Docking station is custom to each phone vs just a BT speaker and a Powercore you can use with many things beyond one phone.

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Now their facebook page is down… Let’s see what will happen

Two of my favorite companies, I’m sure what ever they cook up will be really cool.