Ravpower now removed from Amazon

As per previous discussion about mpow being banned from Amazon, they now have removed all Ravpower product listing as well.

Seems like Amazon is really cracking down on these incentivized reviews sellers


Ooh, that’s quite a reaction. Feels an over-reaction, surely stop the ability to do reviews rather than stop them selling?

This is likely just a handful of over-zealous sales staff and should not damage all the back-end engineers and factory staff.

As per our last discussion, none of us here have seen anything untowards about Anker in this regard.

Great share @Tank
I think RavPower will continue to sell directly and do well from that as they manufacture some great products.
Taking into account the Amazon sellers plan and referal fee they may even make a little more profit!

If they need Amazon as a market place I’m sure they will re-badge and return to Amazon under a different name.

Confession Time :pensive:

Anker has in fact did something similar in my experience. The only difference is that they didn’t stipulated a 5star review (although expected one :slight_smile:) I was only requested to spread my experience with the product.

That is how I got my Model Zero and Soundsync A3341
I was refunded $234 for these 2 items

Both of these items are fantastic and do deserve 5* irrespective of anything

I got a Soundcore Boom as an apology for not liking a Nebula Capsule Max, but there was no ask for a 5 star Amazon review. I did edit my review but to not say the product was better, just to say the customer service was good. Found the email.

So no tie to review, that’s the key point in my experience, this is their entire message

I only see good customer relationship goals here, not an ask for fake review. And the way they do this proactively and rapidly does make me skeptical when others come here with bad customer service type complaints.

Here’s another example, a warranty swap, they mention Amazon but don’t ask for a 5 star and no payment.

Same conclusion for me - they do their best and hope we give fair matching feedback to others, but no payment for 5 star reviews.


You are also UK based, don’t know if that makes a difference.

A few years ago, before reviews for free product were banned, Anker, aukey, and ravpower were all trading products for reviews.

5* weren’t technically required by any of them - but easy to get cut off if you weren’t giving 5*.

I have found all three to have solid and reliable products. Not sure what sort of offenses distinguish the two that are now banned. And there are still many egregiously bad reviews offenders on Amazon that have done even less work to establish a brand than any of those three.

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You think smaller competitors did a honeypot trap to get rid?

I can 100% confirm that SunValley Brands (TaoTronics, etc.) gives away their products in exchange for a 5-star review. I believe that Ravpower is one of their brands. All of their products had such inflated reviews, it was insane.

I think Amazon hates the negative press - and they got some substantial hits from the wall street journal article.

Kicking Ravpower off was much simpler and faster than fixing their system to make this actually hard to do.

Amazon’s reviews were one of the best features of their system once - now sites like fakespot and reviewmeta are needed just to sort through the fakes. Amazon could easily implement their own system (or hire those guys) to do that in the first place, and clean everything up before a final user saw it. But they don’t, so their marketplace gets closer to the wild west of ebay, where you don’t really trust anyone.

Of course, Just last year Taotronics BA-07 just showed up on my doorstep for no reason. No communication after that. It came from amazon and I didn’t order it.
Anyways I kept it :slight_smile:

We’re all different, but in my case I never attached any weight to Amazon reviews, partly as most of the negative reviews are biassed to folks venting so you get an overly negative conclusion, and folks critical due to their own error of picking the wrong product for their needs (some of which due to not reading the details).

I’m more interested in avoiding bad sellers.

Amazon biggest advantage is Prime, shipping out and free return, Locker.


Similar, the taotronics I reviewed showed up at my door too. It wasn’t until a week after I got them did they message me and ask about them

When I ordered stuff from Aukey and Ravpower they came with cards asking for reviews, too bad I never left reviews :sob:

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Interesting. Well, the broke policy.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they came back in a new name.

Of course, giving people gift cards for 5 star reviews, and giving customers who are returning a defective product a free product and asking “If they like it, we’d appreciate it if you shared your experience with a review.”, is two different things.

My SoundCore Zero+ smart speaker got bricked (I believe due to a Google software update), and when I returned it Anker gave me a free Flare speaker and said they’d appreciate if I shared my experience with the Flare, but that’s not even close to buying a 5 star review.

I’m sure at this point Amazon is well aware that Anker sometimes gives people free products during returns of defective products; I doubt they consider that anywhere near as bad as what other manufacturers are doing.

Also, this isn’t really tit-for-tat; they’ve already given you the free product as a gesture of good will, it’s not like they’ll ask for it back or complain if you never even review it, or give it a bad/middling review. This more ties into wanting to make sure customers don’t leave with a bad experience, as much as it is concerned with review scores.

I have SOOOOOO many Anker products at this point, and I have had problems with some of them, but they’ve always made it right. That’s why I’m such a fanboy.

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