Ravpower 365 day cam copy of Evercam on Kickstarter

I guess they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery…
I’d take the Eufy Evercam with AI facial recognition any day.

Ravpower cam


It’s probably the same factory producing them as well :laughing:

Can see a few comments ala Samsung :copyright: Apple :copyright: Samsung wash, rinse, repeat :grin:


I got an email from kickstarter boasting about this thing, I just laughed it off

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Wonder how big the battery is the cam looks way smaller.


Probably the same as the EufyCam, perhaps 0.50 up or down

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RAVPower/VAVA are two brands of a handful that are under Sunvalley Group. Anker is its own beast, but yes, I’m sure they are sure the same factories.

I like all these new cams but I wish they would all work together. Every new cam seems to only work with a companion proprietary app.

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Anker all day every day​:sunglasses::joy::joy:

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I’m starting to see a ton of tech products from different companies all looking similar but with different branding.

I’ve even noticed a few products that look like Anker products but are clearly not.

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They are both awesome looking cameras. It will be very interesting to see how they stack up compared to each other.

The Ravpower one has that funky futuristic look about it which I dig.

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Reminds me of the man hunting Drone from Oblivion. Not a good sign😂



This is all I have to say: Hahahahahaha!!

Rav can do their thing, we’ll do ours. Lol.


I got an email offering me one. I do not own the Evercam so I wouldnt be able to compare the two. :man_shrugging:t2:

The same Kickstarter email? Or beta testing?
Send it to me :grinning::grinning::joy: I plan on buying a few evercams when they are available and would be happy to do a comparison.

A few lower quality cams never hurt to cover blind spots.

I’m hoping the Evercam will be compatible with the Tinycam pro app. I have been using Tinycam pro to monitor/record my cams from different manufacturers, old phones set up to be ip cams, fujicam, foscam, tp-link ect. It works great and has allowed me to stitch together a pretty impressive security system for relatively cheap.

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I also received the same email :joy:

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I took it. I dont see Eufy offering free ones :joy: not to the regular consumer atleast.

No it was an email from their marketing team. I do not believe I can share it. Tons of disclaimers attached to the email. :man_shrugging:t2:

No worries enjoy your new toy.


Now here is one big difference between the Evercam and the Vava aside from the obvious shape. I like that you have that option to add a solar panel. I have most of my cameras in high places despite only having to climb a ladder once a year to recharge. Id rather only do it once and be done. :wink:

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