Rave mini cuts out when paired with another rave mini

Ok my best friend and I both have the rave mini. We bought them so that when we are at each other’s homes we can pair them together, but when we pair them one of the speakers always seems to cut in and out. The speaker that goofs up isn’t always the same speaker. We have tried different phones, we have tried forgetting and pairing again, and both speakers are updated. Help!

Have you done a reset of the speakers already?

If you really have done all these, you should ask the support.


Try to reset, follow these steps:

  1. Press both the "Bluetooth " and " Vol+ " buttons for 8 seconds to reset.
  2. Turn off the speaker and turn your Bluetooth device’s Bluetooth off and then on again.
  3. Clear all the pairing records on your Smartphone / Bluetooth device.
  4. Restart your speaker and reconnect it with your Bluetooth device.

If this does not help, try contacting Soundcore Support --> Service@soundcore.com

Maybe try unpair and pair again

Yes we have reset both.

Tried that

Contact support if it’s still under warranty