Raspberry Pi 4 released today!

The raspberry pi 4 was released today. It can be purchased from canakit or any authorized pi seller.

It has a quad Arm Cortex-A72 CPU. It comes with the option of 1gb/2gb/4gb or RAM. It is also powered by USB-C (yay) and no longer has a micro-USB port.

Raspberry pi has managed to keep the price at $35 for the 1gb model. The other boards are $45 and $55 respectively.

The extra power isn’t needed for everything, but it could be useful for projects that tend to put stress on the processor. These seem like a great option for raspberry pi fans who want to emulate or run a media system.

TomsHardware has already done a pre-release review for any of you who are curious.

Heres the link to raspberrypi.org.

Does it support real Gig Ethernet or is it a lie and share the USB bus like the 3?

It actually has gigabyte Ethernet, and has dual USB 3 ports, as well as dual USB 2 ports.

These 4th gen RPi’s are challenging Desktops with the 4GB variants…!!

Have placed order for 1 earlier in the day.

Let us know what it’s like! I might buy one in the next few weeks!


Here is the early review from Tom’s Hardware, if it helps!

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Great! I included it in the main post…

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Awesome!! :ok_hand:

Missed to mention, ordered the RPi 4 desktop kit, per the order, it ships August 15… so quite sometime before i get my hands on it.

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Yea so did the RPI 3, but it was tied into the USB 2.0 Hub (not fast enough for gig

The USB 3.0 means it’ll have enough buss bandwidth so thats good

Hope software is built properly to utilize the hardware… i have already given up using my Windows 10 Home laptop and replaced by RPi devices for file sharing, media and adblocking, plus more.

Is the OS of this funny, little machine mostly LINUX (UNIX) based?
The earlier versions were some kind of cryptic handling, as far I remember.

Seems better now!

Looks interesting.

Debian-based but third party images of Ubuntu or Windows 10 (Core) can be used…

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Debian is fine!

But WIN10 I can not believe!
This will work?

Apparently, never messed with them so far

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Great, more users!

Yes, it’s pretty much Linux based.

Too bad there is no need for me.
Because I know me, having such a tool, I would play around with a lot.
This will disturb my hard work here as a housekeeper and caretaker. :joy:

You should get one. They’re super fun to play around with, especially if you dabble in Linux coding and such.