Range Test of Eufy Security Cameras

Here is my youtube video of the range test of these EUFY cameras:

We’re taking the EUFY security through a range test. It seems to grow with features and it’s quickly becoming very popular.
The battery life is insane and support is there as well.

I’ve had these for few months, and really like them, they’re reliable and don’t have monthly costs. I also learned to live with their limitations, as they’re not 100% time on like wired cameras, but get triggered by motion.


Thanks! Nice review and test, but it is NOT much representative as the range of the eufy cam extremely depends on WHERE it comes to use.

In contrast to your test of a freestanding building in a pretty much countryside setting, i have a maximum range with my dozen of eufy cams of 12 meters(!) (about 39 feet) at a downtown setting with several hundred/thousand of people living at small space and with tons of interferencing networks and other influences. And the cam with the 12 meters maximum range i could set (after i even had to move the homebase to a location where it doesnt belongs to, just to get a connection at all!) is losing the connextion sometimes while live streaming or i evenb miss some records even the cam had motion detection - just because the cam couldnt connect to the homebase to start recording (1 out of maybe 200-400 videos but still aynnoing).

Just saying.
eufy cam’s range may be great at countryside, but sucks hard in the city and downtown settings!

And the range was even worse before, they already “improved” it in some previous firmware update.

That’s why we demand free or extremely cheap eufy cam range extenders for over half a year already and which has been announced for April or May 2019 … so already some kind of late, as we have June already.

So we are not only waiting for the eufy cam solar panel and the “rain kit” for the lense and many other useful addons, people like me also can’t wait to finally receive the range extenders to fullfill the promised range of the kickstarter cmapaign. Everywhere and Anytime!

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Nice review thanks for sharing :thumbsup:

Thanks for the review!

great review @buton6

love the line "use the alarm to let the kids know dinner is ready "

You may invite the police officers to diner too then, as soon as they have arrived after the alarm … :laughing:

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as long as they bring the donuts and coffee lol

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Sorry @Hermes_Alvarez

… but they can’t bring donuts and coffee …

… they just crashed the shop! :laughing:


Hi @all !

Just for notice, i have started TWO POLLS about the eufy cam range extender
which you may want to participate: