Range extender

You should put a notice that your product is designed for small to modest size homes and properties. Without a range extender or repeater, your product has limited value.


Thank you for the suggestion. If you have more detailed ideas, feel free to let us know more!

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True words @Markhome

I have 12(!) meters maximum range in a downtown setting with just one concrete wall in between and even this cam frequently loses connection and is not recording for hours(!). A shame for a security cam(!)

eufy cam is useless for a lot of people or only very limited in use with the horibble range of the eufy cam homebase and cams.

A big slap in your face @Markhome and ours too! Because the issue is well known since over 10 months already(!) and @AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical promised to release a hardware range extender - a big anker / eufy lie as we all know now! So asking “for more details” is a huge effrontery @AnkerOfficial


You may wanna give your vote here and support us to keep the pressure on eufy high and to remind them daily to finally fullfil their promise: [eufy cam] The big "Range Extenders we need!" Survey ;-) - General & Product Discussion - Anker Community

Thank you!

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agreed. i had a tough time getting my 2 cameras working where i wanted. had to move the base on top of the china cabinet to get good coverage at both the front door and outside the garage (over 3000sq ft home). Now if i need a new camera for the back yard, i need to invest in another base…


I would buy another camera for my barn if there was a way to get a signal to it, 100 ft and 2 steel walls away.