Range and motion

I’ve been testing my 4 Eufycams for two weeks now. The range is incredibly limited. Two sheet rock walls, max. The image quality is great, however, the low power WiFi does not allow the units to be places more than about 20-25 feet from the base. I have read that a range extender will be available Q1 of 2019. Hopefully, it will be of reasonable price as the cameras are of little utility when they essentially must be placed within eye of sight of the home base.

The motion feature works well, but I cannot turn it off in the “home mode”, thus I get lots of alerts. If I enable or disable the motion feature in either home or away mode, it affects the other mode as well. This forces me to disable motion in two cameras and negates the point of having motion at all. Hopefully this is resolved soon.

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I am hoping all current eufycam owners (kickstarter, purchased from store, beta testers) will be given wifi range extenders for free. Its not fair to ask money for wifi extenders considering its a product issue and not like an additional "good to have " feature.


I could see them providing a good discount but I doubt they would give them away free…with the extenders being packaged with the cameras as a bundle going forward…


@ndalby I think you are right but i am still hopeful thst anker will give it for free (or almost free) considering almost every early adopter is having this issue

We will be getting range extenders, but will also be rolling out a software update soon regarding the range.

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Hope a solution comes up quickly… right now my cams are not very useful since I have almost nowhere outside my home with a strong enough signal… Additionally having to connect the Homebase to Ethernet (no Wifi) doesn’t help since it makes it very complicated to move the Homebase closer to the cams to improve signal strength. Little disappointed for the moment hope it doesn’t last…

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Now, even with a weak signal, are the cams not working properly at all?

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I too am disappointed with the range. It is unacceptable in how limited the range is. I setup the homebase in the center of my home and as soon as I left the room 8 ft away it said poor signal. I then setup the camera on the outside of the house and it it intermittently gets signal 20ft away. This limitation makes the camera useless for exterior security until Eufy fixes it which I hope is soon

@Chris_Ward5 wifi extenders are coming out in q1 2019 to solve the range issue as per @AnkerOfficial. A lot of people are having the same issue as you are having with eufycam.

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I find the range is odd, I’m on a sloped block, the uphill cameras have much better range than the cameras downhill. Uphill goes through sold and partitian walls, downhill just has a single partitian wall and really struggles.

That is… interesting. Forwarded to our engineers.

My furthest EufyCam is completely opposite my HomeBase (approx. 70ft through multiple walls and rooms) and although the App mounting guide shows Weak to Good range the camera records and is connected 95% of the time. This camera is mounted outdoors, so if there is software fix to make it 100% that would be great, but I’m otherwise satisfied and impressed.

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