Ramen fans...rejoice!

Mini Portable Fan Personal Fans

Good way to cool your noodles w/o wasting your breath :smiley:


Yes! I love ramen! :joy:.

I still need to check out all of the Domie products…

I would imagine you could have put this under the Domie thread that has already been started…

:scream::hushed: What is this magic

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Could definitely use this at my next music festival.

I don’t think this will prevent swamp ass in the south but it will help with the hot noodles though.

“Hot Noodle” hoho.
This sounds a little bit “shocking” for a non English speaking person.
Hope Andrew will not start his “campaign” here.

Or should I do?
Feeling offended?
Innocent stranger I am!


This would be perfect for my hubby. He’s always waiting for his food to cool, whereas I am going in! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

As an ex chef, I like my food piping hot. No matter how many times I burn the top of my mouth, I still tuck in immediately it’s served! lol


This is hilarious!

They don’t have a lot of products yet so it shouldn’t take too long lol

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There are many in the US drinking the beer ice cold.
If the beverage is such as cold, there is no more taste at all.

Hmmm, well to the contrary I love beer ice cold. Not with ice in the beer, just refrigerated as cold as can be. This is because I live in a very hot place and a cold one is very refreshing. When temperatures reach 115 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit you don’t want to be sippin’ room temperature nothing.

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For example:
Alcohol free beer can be only drunken when ice cold.
Otherwise it has a strange taste for me.

And it is not good for the stomach at all.
Same with food it its to hot (I dont mean spicy)

But OK, other countries, other manners! :grin:

And dont let forget me to say : PROSIT!