Radio station not remembered on Anker SoundCore Mini

Hello, when I choose my radio station on the SoundCore Mini and switch off, next time I switch on and find the radio again, it hasn’t remembered my radio station selection.

Also the volume is not remembered…

Is this just the way it is, or is there a way of getting it to remember the chosen station next time it’s used as well as the volume set?

Any help appreciated, thanks.

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Hi @davidjgriffin welcome to the community :+1:t2:
You love it here!
Can you elaborate on radio station?
As far as I understood the SoundCore Mini doesn’t have an inbuilt radio - sorry if I’m mistaken.

Hi Paul, thank you! No worries, the SoundCore Mini definitely has a radio built in, (I’m using it now!) it’s the Mini 2 that hasn’t, I believe.

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@davidjgriffin, sorry to tell you that it is, indeed, the way it is. The 1st generation Soundcore Mini doesn’t remember the last ratio station that was played. It will start a fresh scan for stations every time the power is cycled. Sorry I didn’t have better news for you!


Just came to that conclusion too after reading up on some user reviews. :+1:t2:
Shame though :frowning:

Thanks for your reply… ah, a shame, never mind. Something I’ll have to put up with! Still a very good sound from such a small speaker, very pleased overall.

Is a shame, Paul, but something I’ll learn to live with :slight_smile:

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