Racist Media in Australia

I’m a happy Eufy user. I’ve got the first generation outdoor cameras. But I was an Anker user before. Batteries and cables.

Saw this story today from this website today in Australia and was shocked. Not only does it show a total lack of knowledge of the Anker brand but it’s just simply racist.

Looks like the writer is also the “CEO” … Not cool!
Do some research on the brand and the fans before trash talking a company.

Here is the story https://www.channelnews.com.au/why-buy-a-security-camera-like-eufy-thats-owned-by-a-chinese-company/

Here is their email

I wrote them to let them know the story wasn’t cool.

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Racism is not good.

But it works. You read it, and you also by linking to it have now also made others read it.

You’re either part of the problem, or part of the solution. By forwarding links you are being recruited on the problem side.

I have a much better idea.


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Hi, @Derek_Tipton!

We’ve passed your message along to the relevant teams. Thanks for your support of our eufy Security products!

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Yea @Derek_Tipton, if you want to stop stuff like that don’t leave a link to the page on a forum. Google ranks its search results by how many other websites link to your site/how much “click-through” traffic you get from those links. So, yea reading that story made me want to punch that dude in the balls, but by clicking it, and leaving it for others to click, you are indirectly helping his influence reach more people. That being said I am going to contact whoever wrote that, as a very satisfied anoy Anker+ customer and…well I haven’t decided yet. lol. I appreciate you wanting to get rid of that type of crap, but you should delete that link…:grin:

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Don’t forward what you don’t like, it magnifies the problem. Ignoring is one of the most powerful forces you have.


Here’s an idea. Copy and paste the text here so people can see what the article says, without giving them an extra click?


Not clicking the link just so they can get another view

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You’re the MVP :clap:

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It’s funny that he debates this- because as far as battery packs and cables go, this is true. Before I joined this forum, or even owned an anker product, almost all of my close friends had anker battery packs.

After I calmed down all I did to satisfy my anger was to manipulate his Bio on the page via the Console. I took a screenshot, but I won’t share it here. While it is funny as hell, it’s inappropriate lol.

Unfortunately, in today’s climate, I’m not surprised. There’s a growing sentiment here in the USA about Made In China products. We used to make almost everything here but most products now are farmed out elsewhere, mainly China.

I love many of the Tech products that I already own. They work, are competitive and simplify my life. Nobody wants to be eavesdropped on or lose their privacy, but aren’t other entities doing just that? Pretty much all of social media, Internet search engines and so forth.

Should people lose trust in a brand, the manufacturer should calm the user’s or potential user’s concerns. Stay innovative, competitive and open about policy. Haters will always be there.

A conclusion will always find its own facts.

I also saw a lot of racism in the online environment and that makes me not understand why people are so bad today.
Why do they think that if someone has black skin then they don’t already have the same rights as white people? You should know that there are many black owned businesses, which once again proves that it doesn’t matter the color, but the interior qualities.
I insist on raising my children so that they know from an early age that they have no right to judge and that we are all equal.