Quick test of the EufyCam E Anti-Theft...didn’t quite expect this though

So, I’ve finally got around to setting up my EufyCam E & Homebase while taking some footage for a upcoming review (once I’ve used it for while)…I decided to do a little test of the Anti-Theft…didn’t expect it to be this easy though :laughing:

Now I did this more for a laugh and possibly something is out of whack (getting detection angle has been a fun one on the one I’ve fully mounted to cover my back garden)…but has anyone else found it this easy to steal your own camera without the alarm going off, do you just have it in a really inaccessible location or have you not bothered with the Anti-Theft at all?


That ain’t good… on a happy note I just found out I can open tootsie rolls with one hand :man_shrugging:.

Maybe you should contact support to see if there’s something wrong with your eufycam?

Well that’s embarrassing. :joy::grin:

In Ankers defense it would be quite difficult to come up with an algorithm that isn’t set off by wind but is triggered by suspicious movement.

You should take that show on the road sounds like a money maker :grin:

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:smile: :see_no_evil: … to be honest … every eufy cam user and owner should know that the anti theft is just a “gimmick” and not really loud or working as expected or at all, same as the facial A.I.

Other features and technical things work pretty good and or even better as expected, to be honest here too, but some features are just gimmicks, at least for the moment.

Nice to have, but not really doing what it should :wink:

Sorry to disappoint you :hugs:

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In fairness to eufy, when i tested the arlo camera out when they were first brought to the market i expereinced the same thing.
The only thong that prevented someone from taking the camera was to use the mount that had secured the camera from behind and then that got screwed to wherever i put it, i also mounted it using 6 inch lag screws so they couldnt just unscrew the base

Not disappointed and was kinda expected from day one when I looked at the brackets before I put one up…was already thinking, well you can just unscrew and carefully walk away (not run though)…

Did think the internal sensor might have handled it better though :wink:

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More sensors! Does anyone know what type of sensor/sensors are used. It really should be a combination of gyroscope and accelerometer if it isn’t already.

Thats they reason why most of my cams are mounted in a heigth above 4 meters … about 13 feet :wink:
So the thief would need at least a ladder to get to it, umount it and then, when climbing down the ladder, i hope the alarm starts and he scares and fell off the ladder and breaks his neck … :smiling_imp:

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That’s dark

Then he would sue you :joy::joy::man_facepalming:

Good idea … but this will still not solve the issue that my handkerchief in the trouser pocket is louder than the eufy cam cam alarm :rofl: :wink:

So the alarm should be much louder (don’t know i technically and physically possible). And even this will not be the 100% solution. Because if the thief knows where the speaker is and the alarm is coming from, he could cover it (zuhalten) and it would be sooo much quietly that he can just carry it away. :female_detective:

More and loader alarms!!

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I saw one review online that showed it needed quite a jolt to set off the alarm.
I don’t particularly see someone so much stealing a camera as possibly knocking it off/down to disable it.

I mean, you approach a camera with that much TLC, it doesn’t matter if you get it, you’re image is pretty is saved on the memory card at the base station. These monitoring systems are mild deterrents to make people look for the houses that have nothing, instead of your own.

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LOL. Maybe you were a bit too ninja stealthy. :stuck_out_tongue: Better put a lojack on that baby. :wink:

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I don’t think it’s broken, as you didn’t take it out of range.

Maybe if you’d gone down the street with it, it might have gone off.

Plus… I notice how.gingerly you hold it, and wonder, if you were a bit tougher with it (as a their would just grab it n stuff in a coat or something, and leg it down the road.

Be interesting on second attempt.

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  1. I think a person stealing it would be careful, as many cameras have alarms like this.

  2. He did shake it and it didn’t go off until the second time.

@TechMan I know I saw the video. I was referring to the YouTube video below, which I’d seen before and notice it took a “jolt” to steal

(link set to start at “theft/shake” demo")

By the time most people notice a camera, they’ve already been seen by it. Unless they come back later and carefully, you have them on video. Even then, I believe people that steal a camera do so in the belief that they are taking the footage with them, not so much as an “I want that camera”.

So with the footage recording to the card in the base station, you’re still left with something.

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I was responding to @MacBlank :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I might have hit the wrong arrow or something hehe

Can the sensitivity be adjusted for the snatch/shake?
If not, is it something that can be added via firmware @AnkerOfficial?

If they are going to have it, the camera needs to be able to take a baseline of what it is seeing, and then detect if the entire field of view / mounting point starts changing vs just looking for a shake. That video shows a system that is very easy to bypass.

Not sure how easy that would be to do, but seems like it would be a more useful target.

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May I ask how to setup alarm? It’s automatic or…
I couldn’t find in app