Quick Review: PowerCore 10000 PD

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I’m probably not going to tell you anything you don’t already know about this Anker power bank. You know just by glancing at it that it has enough juice to power your device all day (10,000 mAh can power up the iPhone XS almost 2 and a half times over) and the USB-C port packs 18W power delivery to quick charge your devices fast. Really fast. And the USB-A (or what I like to call “regular ol’ USB”) puts out 10W of power. It’s a workhorse. No surprises there.

PowerCore4_2 PowerCore6_2 PowerCore5_2
But what many people may be wondering is just how this power bank is going to feel in their pocket, backpack, or purse. Because we all know a power bank is no good if it’s too heavy or cumbersome to bring with you. So let’s get into some real-world information–how does this thing feel?

PowerCore2_2 PowerCore3_2
Pretty fantastic! Pictured are some size and weight comparisons. The power bank is slightly taller than a soda can, and the exact same weight as my Galaxy S10e with a case and PopSocket. Exactly the same weight. You can’t make this stuff up.

Overall, the killer combination of lightning-fast charging and a lightweight form factor make the PowerCore 10000 PD a phenomenal power bank. I’ll be putting this guy in my backpack that I bring with me to work every day, where it shall remain indefinitely.

Thanks Anker–I love you 3000.


‘Nother Great review @apsavarese! Keep up the good work :clap:

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Thank you @TechMan, that means a lot! I’m having a lot of fun doing these reviews and shooting the breeze with you guys.

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Great review, love the pictures and how you compare size reference :+1:t2:

Great review and pictures!

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Great review and details, well done! :+1:

Great review!

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