Quick Charging PowerCore II 10000 Not Working?

I just recently got my PowerCore II 10000 and when initially recharging the PowerCore itself, it took almost all day. I know it’s supposed to take about 4 hours when quick charging, so I’m wondering if my charger is not compatible with the PowerCore’s quick charge capabilities? I used my Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging Wall Charger that came with my Galaxy S7. If that is the issue, would I need to buy one of Anker’s wall chargers?

On a related note, can the USB cord that comes with the Samsung wall charger be used between the PowerCore and my phone (Galaxy S7) to utilize quick charging?

Sorry if this is confusing, just let me know and I can try to clarify.
Thank you!

You will be helped by our “gurus” soon. :wink:

But first let’s do the following:
Change the cable, change the charger and tell us the output of it. (the charger you are using now may be not the one which is fitting to charge this power bank).
Please tell us after what happens.

We will all like to help you solve your problem of course.


In theory you should be fine with both the cable and the charger, as the adaptive fast charging is 2A output and the PC II 10000 is 2A input. To rule out charging issues it would be best trying firstly with another wall charger (in case of compatibility issues) and then with another cable.

If charging speeds are still impaired with using another 5V/2A wall charger you would be best reaching out to support@anker.com with your issue and troubleshooting steps taken.


Thank you! I will be able to test it again either later today or tomorrow when I need to recharge the PowerCore. I can borrow a different Samsung Adaptive Adaptive Charger and cord to test it with.

I have used the samsung adaptive fast charge to charge my battery packs and it’s slow. Sure it outputs up to 5v 2 amps but you will never see that charging a batterypack k as it does not request that voltage like as phone will. So you will see it charge at most 2v 1.5amps…tested using my meter so I know it doesn’t ramp up.

Your best bet is to either use a charger that has a set output of 5v 2 amps, or buy one that is qc compatible. I personally charge mine now wit Ankers 5 port powerport with pd, it charges rather fast and power iq chooses the fastest charge for any device plugged in…you can also get one with qc that can do similar but at a slightly faster charge speed


So after trying out another Samsung charger, it seems that @elmo41683 was right. It took about 6.5 hours to charge, so not extremely long, but still more than the 4 hours it would take with on quick charge.

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